Early Returned Honor

Doctrine and Covenants 124:49

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Dear Early Returned Missionary: What I Wish I Had Known When I Came Home From My Mission

Dear friend,

I wish we could have this conversation face-to-face. This post is the reason why this website was started. There were things that I wish I had known when I came home. I wish I had known someone who could sit me down and tell me things that would have helped to spare me from the agony that I felt for so long. I can’t physically sit down and talk to all of you, although I would if it was possible. So, instead, I’m writing this letter. Even if it’s not the same as a personal conversation, I hope it can help you as you adjust to coming home. I have thought and prayed about this message for a long time. I hope that the thoughts here will be helpful to early returned missionaries, but I also hope that some of them will be useful to those who had the blessing of being able to complete their time in the mission field. Continue reading

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Light and Darkness

A year ago yesterday, I hit absolute rock bottom when I felt that I could not go on any more. A year ago today, light came rushing back into my life.

My Experience

As you may know from reading my story or some of the other posts, I went through a long period of darkness after I came home from my mission. I got to the point where I hit rock bottom. I saw no possibility of hope. I was completely broken. Continue reading