Early Returned Honor

Doctrine and Covenants 124:49

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Skipping the Hard Parts


Twice a year, my piano teacher would have us learn a piece to perform in a recital. My preparation for these recitals varied. Sometimes I could have played the song with my eyes closed. Sometimes I was not so prepared.

For one recital I learned “Battle Hymn of the Republic.” Well. I say “learned,” but I don’t think it’s the right word. I didn’t practice as much as I should have. The day the recital came, I still had a difficult section at the end—five measures—that I couldn’t get through. I hadn’t practiced it because I felt it was too hard. And now it was too late. Right before I was supposed to play—I mean right before, like on my way to the piano when it was my turn—I asked my teacher if I could just play the final note and skip that part that I didn’t learn. Continue reading

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My Mission Was A Failure: A Success Story


I’ve always been a little obsessed with failure. I’m one of those students who felt like a 96% on a test was a failure. Not getting accepted for a job was a failure. Not finishing my food at a restaurant? Failure.

I think everyone has their own definition of failure. My personal definition is when I don’t succeed at something that I tried to do (a friend of mine pointed out that I then need to define success, so we’ll say that success is when I meet my goals). By that personal definition, coming home early–not succeeding at staying out for the 18 months that was expected–was a failure.  Continue reading

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You’re Still A Missionary: One of the Best Ways To Be A Missionary Right Now

missionary-praying-788725-wallpaperWhen my sister got her mission call, I was still in Ohio serving mine. I didn’t expect to see her until she came home (I actually was home about a month or two after this, but at the time I assumed I wouldn’t see her for a very long time). I wanted to do something for her. So on my preparation days, I wrote letters. I wrote a letter to read on her first night in the MTC, one for the plane ride to her mission, one for her first transfer, one for really hard times, and so on. I cried writing every single one of them. And I prayed that they would be able to help her in the difficult moments when I could not be there for her.
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